Developer Guide

Note: This document is a draft.

Here are some hints and guidelines for MixEst developers.


  • Take a look at "Unit tests in Matlab and other good coding practices" by Federico Poloni.
  • Please Don't use the tilde (~) operator for unused function outputs (as in [~, ...] = function(...);). This is not compatible with MATLAB versions prior to R2009b. Instead, use the context menu in the MATLAB editor to suppress the warning on the line: [unused, ...] = function(...); %#ok<ASGLU>.
  • Use mxe_readdata before accessing given data.

Estimation functions

  • Always check options.verbosity before outputting informative text.
  • Use mxe_inneroptions to get options for your inner estimations (if any).

Structures in place of objects

  • Since we dislike the object-orientation of MATLAB in many ways, we use structures created by factory functions in place of objects. This way, the object's properties are the variables defined in the workspace of the factory function and the object's methods are exposed as fields containig a handle to a nested function within the factory function.
  • To give access to read-only properties, use functions (getter methods).
  • Methods that need to change some properties from the current object, and return the result as a new object, should call the factory function using conventional special inputs. This is required in order to have a new workspace for the new properties. See the codes of the gammafactory and its fixate function for an example of using this technique.


  • We use the publish function to generate MixEst documentations. See Publishing Markup in MATLAB's documentation to get familiar with the markup.
  • A useful shortcut key is Ctrl+J which wraps the doc text automatically.
  • Please write the documentation for your codes right after coding. The descriptions need not be lengthy. Just copy the documentation from a similar function and paste it above yours and then change it as needed. But never let an irrelevant documentation remain there.

Technical details

  • Compiling the documentation is done in two steps: First, by running mxe_publishdocs, the M-files are published using a special style-sheet to prepare them for Jekyll. The published files are put in the Jekyll source folder (mixest/doc/source/_jekyll). The next step is to build them using Jekyll (jekyll build).
  • The main documentation files are at mixest/doc/source and are published to the Jekyll source folder. The API reference is extracted from all the M-files under mixest/mixest and is all put into a sub-directory named api beside the published main docs. Therefore, to give a link to a page in the API reference from a main documentation, use the api/ prefix in the link like api/mixturefactory.html. To give a link to a page in the main documentation from a function documentation, use the ../ prefix in the link like ../estimation_options.html.
  • We don't run the codes when publishing. You should add any results (like plot images) manually. Put the images in a sub-directory img beside the source documentation files and add the img/ prefix to the file name in the markup for the image.